Various wooden canoe paddles

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Various wooden canoe paddles
Various wooden canoe paddles

We have wooden paddles available in three variants:

Wood parallel blade with round paddle head (Item: 018-1)
Blade Size: 15 * 45cm
Blade thinkness: 1.2-1.5cm
Length: 152cm
Weight: 930g +/- 10g

Wood Parallel Blade with Round Paddle Head (Item 18-2)
Blade Size: 15 * 50cm
Blade thinkness: 1.2-1.5cm
Length: 167cm
Weight: 940g +/- 10g

Wood extending blade with angled paddle head (Item: 020)
Sheet size: 18 * 47cm
Blade thickness: 0.4-1.5cm (thick in the middle)
Length: 152cm US $ 23.0


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