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Clinics - Basic to advanced - brush up on techniques in kayaking!

Kayak clinics are organized by Guus, our passionate kayak instructor. Training takes place in het Twiske (near Landsmeer), a beautiful location with many parking options. You can bring your own kayak for a clinic, or try a new model from our store. If you like the kayak, you can take it with you immediately! (Liker Easty4.5, Guma Eline Pro, and all expedition kayaks, all pedal kayaks are possible).

  • Teaches you the basics or advanced skills of kayaking! (low support, high support, prying, efficient paddle stroke, sideways maneuvering, eskimo)
  • Provides you with quality equipment for the ultimate experience!
  • Show you how to use your kayak for your purposes!
  • Can be done individually or in a group.
  • Learning to Eskimo? No problem, Guus will teach you that step by step, even in winter. Make sure you have a suitable wetsuit or dry suit.

Costs are 55 euros for a private lesson of 1.5 hours, 75 in the case of 2 people, and 90 if three people take the lesson together. Call us to schedule a time.


1 night kayak camping in Friesland!

We provide quality tour kayaks and take you to the most beautiful routes in Friesland. After a trip we moor at the camping spot for the night. We sleep on a desert island! A campfire can be made! ;) In the morning we paddle back to civilization.

Click here For more information.


Kayaking on the rivers of northern France!

  • Descend with the Guma Crossover kayak through the beautiful French rivers together with the passionate Dutch instructor Scott?
  • Would you like to stay in a beautiful old Heerenhuis in the center of the picturesque village of Aubenton?
  • Every day great delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner with the food prepared by cook and hostess Vannessa?
  • Great sports and enjoying the French nature!

    Price is very reasonable, but should be determined in consultation. If interested, call to inquire: 0611188666

    Canoeing in the Amazon forest!

    • 8 days long canoe trek through the hard of the largest rainforest in the world
    • Learn the techniques of canoeing, hunting, fishing, fire and hut making with natives
    • The nicest local guides + the fun Guma Kayaks team!
    • We provide quality equipment, based on our own experiences.
    • Exuberant fauna and flora in a unique environment.

    For more information, click on the following link:


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