Amazon Expedition - 8 days

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Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days
Amazon Expedition - 8 days


The trip includes 8 days of magical nature viewing, of which 6 full days canoeing, learning about the way the locals live from and with nature (mainly fishing, hunting and gathering) and camping in the jungle. Every day we canoe to a new area where we will set up our camping, cook, and spend the night.

From March to September the rivers in the Amazon are high. On this trip we travel over a branch of the Juma River, where the water stands as it were between the trees of the rainforest. From the canoe you can see an immense variety of wild life from very close. With a canoe you can move silently through the water, which is much quieter compared to the crackling leaves and twigs under your foot, when you walk into the forest. In this trip we take at least one guide / instructor per two people, and we go to the deepest of the deepest in the Amazon forest, an expedition!


Animals you will likely see or find traces of: 
-The howler monkey 
-Squirrel monkeys 
-Woolly monkey 
-The black caiman
-The jaguar 
-The boto or Amazon dolphin
-The tapir
-Arara Parrot

-And more...
There is an immense variety of trees in the Amazon, which you will be told a lot about.


Day zero we meet in Manaus, we hold a briefing, we check everyone's luggage, and we enjoy a local traditional meal together in a good restaurant. From Manaus it is a day's travel to the starting point of our expedition. This is first by car, then by boat, then by car and then a few hours by boat. This trip from Manaus to our starting point is day 1, and is a beautiful day in itself. On this day you will meet the rest of the guides and it is the first day that you will sleep in a hammock. The evening of this first day we will stay close to the home of one of our guides, close to the THIS ONE lodge.

The program for the next 6 days are planned as follows:

  • 6am - Part of the group checks the fishing nets, some walks or canoe a bit to spot monkeys. You probably do this in a group of two plus a guide. There is a lot to see and learn in that moment.
  • 8am - Breakfast (corn soup, coffee, crackers, and maybe a piece of fish).
  • 8.30am Clean up camp (everything you have with you goes into the bag, and is taken in the canoe).
  • 9am - We paddle to the next location. There are two people and a guide per canoe. The guides are all locals, and in 99 out of 100 cases have noticed the animals before you. Because there are three of you, you can move super still through the water and you have the best chance of seeing monkeys and other animals!
  • Midday - The different boats agree on a place to relax and prepare lunch on a campfire. 
  • 2pm - Paddling and mocking animal to that day's final destination.
  • 3.30pm - Set up camp, wash, set out fishing nets, and various learning activities.
  • 6pm - Prepare food and relax around the campfire
  • 9pm - An evening activity, or getting ready for the night

On the penultimate day we will sleep close to the guide's house again, after which we will start the return journey to Manaus.


  • Mosquitoesspray, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • 1 set of quick-drying clothes: Long quick-drying pants (zip-off or roll-up is useful. See this one link or this one link for example). For the upper body this shirt perfect.
  • A simple hammock can be rented, or brought your own, for example this one
  • A sweater for the night when it gets colder; A raincoat; a loose swimsuit.
  • A water bottle or drinking bag.
  • A headlamp
  • Good waterproof bag to carry a power bank, camera and book. A waterproof phone case (if you want to take pictures with your phone)

Travel set-up

For this trip to continue we want min. 8 and max. 12 travelers. To accompany the trip we have one or two Dutch guides, ~ 5 local guides, 1 photographer, 1 fixed support speed boat and driver. 

There are two passengers per canoe, plus a guide. So three people in total. The guides regularly change canoes, because you can learn something different from everyone. The main task of the guide is to keep your canoe from getting lost in the dense forest, to point out the wonders of the forest, as well as to protect you from animals and other dangers. 


  • 7 nights of a life-time experience in the jungle (some guides will be up all night to watch over your safety).
  • 8 days of guidance by experienced and skilled guides.
  • All food from when we leave Manaus until we get back to Manaus. If travelers want to bring cookies or a bottle of drink, it is at their own expense. 
  • All transport from Manaus to the heart of the jungle and back.
  • Rental of canoes and a support speedboat for the duration of the expedition.
  • A long-sleeve camouflage expedition shirt specially designed for this expedition made of high-quality sun-resistant material (worth 65 euros)
  • Study material - There is no internet available for the entire duration of the trip. We will make a booklet of the most important information regarding flora and fauna.

We work together with local professional survival guides, and have set up an expedition with them that to our knowledge is not done in this way by any organization in the Amazon. If you think you can find something better online, we are very curious to hear about it. Chances are they won't take you deep into the Amazon. Remember that a large part of our costs is in transportation to take you so deep into the Amazon, and of course for all the guides, who are super necessary for an expedition like this. 

Pay attention

  • There are no toilets or showers on this trip. Washing is done in the rivers.
  • The cost price for this Amazon trip does not include airline tickets, nor does it include the costs for accommodation and food from day 0 on day 1 in Manaus.

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