Canoe camping on an island in Friesland - 1 night

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Canoe camping on an island in Friesland - 1 night
Canoe camping on an island in Friesland - 1 night
Canoe camping on an island in Friesland - 1 night


On this trip we will make a wonderful 2-hour guided tour on day 1, in the most beautiful area of Friesland around Terherne. We end this trip by mooring on a beautiful uninhabited island where we set up the tent for the night. There is a possibility to make a campfire! On day 2  we will also paddle and then back home!


We generally meet on Saturday afternoon around 3pm in the kayak shop in Heerenveen. Here we check the equipment, and we check whether everyone has brought the right stuff. Around 5pm we move to the location where we enter the water. We paddle a nice route! The length can be adjusted to the wishes of the group. We then dock on an uninhabited island where we set up camp. In the evening the time is free to spend. Campfires can be made and a glass of wine can be drunk. On Sunday we pack up camp and paddle back to civilization. We'll be ready around noon.


You are responsible for camping gear, food and drinks. It is recommended to bring:

  • mosquitoesspray, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • 1 set of dry clothes, swimming trunks, towel.
  • Tent. Alternatively, this one hammock a good one! 
  • A sweater for at night when it gets a bit colder
  • A water bottle or drinkzak.
  • A headlamp
  • Good waterproof bag to carry power bank, camera and book. A waterproof phone case (if you want to take pictures with your phone)

Setup of this activity

For this trip to continue, we want min. 3 and max. 10 travelers. To accompany the trip we have eand or two organizers present.

There are one or two passengers per kayak. The main task of the coordinator is to take care of the kayaks, and that you (the kayakers) do not get lost between the many islands. They also make sure everyone arrives safely at their destination, and comes ashore safely!


  • 1 once of a life-time overnight stays on a desert island.
  • 2 days of kayaking accompanied by a local guide.
  • In principle, you have to take care of food yourself. It is an option that we take care of that for an additional cost of 35 euros p.p.). 
  • Camping gear is not included. These can be rented or bought from us


  • There are no toilets or showers on the uninhabited island. You can take a refreshing dip in the water, or wash yourself with a washcloth or water bottle. It is better to do a big message at home in advance. You pee in the bushes.

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