Liker - ABS SUP

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Liker - ABS SUP
Liker - ABS SUP
Liker - ABS SUP
Liker - ABS SUP

This ABS SUP is super strong, lightweight, compact, durable and simple to move. You can carry your luggage with the front bungee while paddling (phone is still recommended to put in a separate waterproof phone bag - click HERE).



  • 1 black bungee



  • LENGTH:   ABS10: 320cm / ABS11: 350cm
  • WIDTH:     ABS10: 81cm   / ABS11: 83cm
  • HEIGTH:    ABS10: 12cm   / ABS11: 13cm
  • WEIGHT:   ABS10: 12,7kg / ABS11: 14,2kg
  • MAX.WT.CAP: 150 kg
  • MATERIAL: ABS+PC and hull thickness is 1.5mm around
  • FIN: 1

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